Performance in a Magento platform is affected by a multitude of factors. However, it’s crucial to understand what performance entails and how the Hyvä front-end technology is connected to it. In our blog post, we demonstrate how the experts at Evrig can significantly enhance performance through effective strategies.

The Significance of Speed in E-Commerce Performance

What exactly does ‘performance’ entail within the context of an online store? Many people may primarily associate it with the speed and responsiveness of a website. However, there are various interpretations regarding which key metrics can objectively gauge this aspect. An illustrative example of this issue is the distinction between background tasks and visible graphics: both can negatively impact a website’s loading time. Yet, from the user’s perspective, only the loading of graphics is typically relevant, as background tasks often do not influence perceived performance. Consequently, while measurement tools like Google Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals are valuable, they should not be the sole means of assessing performance. At Evrig Solutions, our experts rely on a diverse set of metrics and tools to evaluate performance.

Website performance not only significantly impacts user satisfaction but can also affect a website’s search engine rankings. Therefore, it’s crucial to consistently meet user expectations. Even slight delays can lead to higher bounce rates, lower conversion rates, and ultimately harm a website’s visibility on search engines. For more in-depth information on this subject and an exploration of the relationship between performance and SEO, please visit our dedicated Performance Optimization topic page.

Magento and its Impact on Website Speed and Responsiveness

One of the primary drivers behind the sustained success of Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) is the software’s extensive array of features. It comes equipped with a comprehensive set of functionalities that cater to the needs of a contemporary customer platform. Additionally, it includes a flexible and robust front-end framework for crafting compelling user interfaces. While Magento delivers strong performance initially, potential constraints may emerge over time as a result of customizations, third-party extensions, or other contributing factors.

There are numerous optimization possibilities available. Despite its extensive feature set, Magento can experience significant performance improvements through targeted strategies, such as efficient caching or database enhancements. Additionally, innovative front-end technologies have been gaining prominence. For instance, headless integrations enable the development of standalone customer interaction applications, often in the form of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) or using Evrig Solutions’ own mageless framework. While these technologies are undoubtedly robust and versatile, their complexity and size may render them excessive for certain projects, making them not always the optimal choice for every platform. Alternative approaches can provide a solution in such cases.

Hyvä: Enhancing Magento’s Performance

Recently, there has been increasing discussion about a revamp of Magento’s native front-end system known as Hyvä. This extension retains Magento’s core principles for user interface design but incorporates modern technologies throughout. Hyvä is built on contemporary web standards, resulting in a substantial boost in performance, while also simplifying maintenance and scalability. This translates into improved development speed and overall performance. By embracing current technologies, Hyvä also guarantees better alignment with upcoming web trends and standards.

Crucially, it’s necessary to adjust existing front-end integrations to align with these new technologies, which means not all features seamlessly work with Hyvä right away. Nevertheless, numerous projects by Evrig Solutions have already adopted this approach, providing their developers access to a substantial repository of existing integrations. Moreover, an active developer community has played a significant role in expanding Hyvä’s capabilities to meet various needs. This ensures strong compatibility with Magento’s distinctive features, including the integrated content system Page Builder and B2B functionalities.

Tangible Achievements Enabled by Hyvä

The experts at Evrig Solutions currently employ Hyvä in a multitude of client projects. This technology is applied for both the creation of new online stores and in extensive overhauls, such as comprehensive revisions of existing Adobe Commerce (Magento) instances. In every scenario, the outcome is top-performing platforms that excel in all crucial performance metrics.

We recently conducted an extensive revamp of an existing customer’s Adobe Commerce platform. The main objective of this relaunch was a substantial performance boost, particularly focusing on the critical product pages during the purchasing process. Throughout the monitoring process, we placed significant emphasis on assessing the Core Web Vitals, enabling us to track the essential performance key performance indicators (KPIs) before and after the relaunch. The core of the overhaul involved a redesign of the user interface using Hyvä. Simultaneously, we introduced several other optimizations, such as device-specific image data enhancements.

Building High-Performance Magento Portals with Evrig

Enhancing performance is a multifaceted issue that extends beyond the user-facing frontend to encompass the entire system, including infrastructure, third-party modules, and integrated external applications. The root causes of subpar performance are frequently intricate, necessitating in-depth analysis by specialists. Minor adjustments in one aspect can frequently yield substantial improvements in overall performance. Hence, conducting a thorough and methodical examination is crucial for identifying and remedying all potential weaknesses.

At Evrig Solutions, we understand that optimizing performance is a pivotal element in the success of any platform. That’s why we leverage a team of seasoned professionals with the requisite expertise to assist our clients. Whether it’s Magento specialists, front-end technology experts, or hosting professionals, we assemble the appropriate experts to evaluate and enhance your online store.