We would like to share an interesting story about how we got our first Hyvä project with the development from scratch.

As we know that when we start something new business or service or technology-based work, it is really difficult to get the client initially. This is applicable to all types of business and we are no exception to it.

A couple of months back, we thought that we have core expertise in Magento 2 development. How can we take it to the next level? Or what is something new that we can do so that we can add a new capability to our skillset?

Introduction to Hyvä

We thought to add Hyvä themes skills to our team. It is a completely brand new frontend for the Magento-2.  Using the Hyvä theme, we can build a Magento website with a lower budget and have a superfast browser experience for the visitors. It’s a quicker and easier way to develop a new theme into the Hyvä. It is like a game-changer to close the deal in a competitive time. In addition to the Hyvä theme, they also have Hyvä checkout and Hyvä admin project.

Hyvä theme is available only by purchasing a license. This is only a one-time license fee. If you are a Magento development agency and want to start with the Hyvä theme, the best way is to purchase the license and use it for learning and internal testing. They have 14 days of money-back policy so if you think Hyvä is not the best fit for you or your client.

Learning and Skill Development in Hyvä

After we decided firmly that we are going to start with the Hyvä theme, we had no skill to work on it. Hence, we searched and found some useful resources available online that our team has used to learn the Hyvä theme. I would like to say thanks to our frontend team who spent a good amount of time learning this out of business hours and sometimes over the weekend as well. Continuous learning is a key to success.

Once we have reached a certain level in Hyvä based theme development, we had some confidence that yes, now we can say to our clients that we can do the Hyvä based theme development.

How have we started taking Hyvä projects?

Initially, we got 1st project in Hyvä based in Europe where the client already had an internal team. It was already created in Hyvä but their skillset was limited. For some complex tasks, they were not able to solve themselves. They approached us via reference. They assigned us complex tasks and we had fixed them. Now, the client is happy and we got a little confidence to work on Hyvä Themes.

Later, we got the 2nd client in Hyvä and they also had their website already developed in Hyvä theme. They asked us for further improvements and we have done it successfully and keep adding new features.

Now, it is time for the project with the Hyvä theme development from scratch. Recently, we have been awarded a project where we are going to do all the development from the beginning.

Our approach to the client

From the journey so far on Hyvä based projects, I think that the following things have worked for us.

  • We always want to give something best to our clients. That led us to the Hyvä theme and now we are delivering fast-loading websites which help them to maximize their business value.
  • We identified the necessary skill gap in our team and made some investments in terms of money and effort. We encouraged our team to learn something new for their better future and company growth.
  • Instead of targeting a big project, we went step by step. We took even small projects as well where can do something. Instead of thinking about small or big work, we respected our clients and helped them in their eCommerce journey.
  • I would like to say that the Hyvä team is also quite supportive. They have their Slack channel where we can ask questions and get the required support. I would like to say thanks to them as well for their continuous support to our team. There are 1500+ members in its community. Besides Slack, they also have their own Gitlab environment where we track issues. They also provide documentation here https://docs.Hyvä.io/ which we can refer to for detailed technical information.

I have shared my journey here so that you can also think & learn how to start working on the Hyvä theme and deliver great results. We at Evrig, are an official supplier of Hyvä from India.

Let us know if you have any questions or need any help on the Hyvä theme or the Magento 2 development. You can contact us for the Magento 2 or Hyvä development.