Magento 2 Upgrade Services

It’s essential to get the most recent Magento version for the best security and functionality. You can easily upgrade to the latest magento’s version without losing any data. We have upgraded Magento for hundreds of clients, so we are familiar with the process and the potential problems that might arise. You’ll be heard thoroughly and given suggestions tailored to your specific situation. Knowing how stressful downtime can be for store owners, we try our best to keep it to a minimum or schedule it for a time in our magento upgrade service that will have the least effect on your business. The update to a newer version may result in the loss of essential data, but we guarantee that our programmers will transfer all of the necessary information. So, in short our Magento 2 upgrade service is hassle-free and affordable, and you can get guaranteed results without any worry.

What to Upgrade? 


Required PHP Update

Update to required PHP 7.4, PHP 8.0, PHP 8.1

Supported Search Engine

Verify supported search engine is installed like – elasticsearch5, elasticsearch6, elasticsearch7, or open Search

Set the Open File Limits

Switch to the file system owner. Set the ulimit to 65536.

  • ulimit -s 65536

Verify cron jobs are running

crontab -l



As security enhancements in adobe commerce, require some data to be converted from serialized to JSON With a large amount of data, you can improve performance by setting the value of an environment variable, DATA_CONVERTER_BATCH_SIZE. By default, the value is set to 50,000.

1 – Switch to the file system owner.

2 – Set the variable:

After your upgrade is complete, you can unset the variable:


Verify file system permissions

ls -l /var/www/html/magento2
See the following for an explanation of the sample output:

Most of the files are -rw-rw—-, which is 660

drwxrwx— = 770

-rw-rw-rw- = 666

The file system owner is magento_user

Set the pub/ directory root

See Modify docroot to improve security for more details.

Install the Composer update plugin

Add the package to your composer.json file.
composer require magento/composer-root-update-plugin ~2.0 –no-update

Update the dependencies:

composer update

Steps to Upgrade 



Command To Perform 


Switch to maintenance mode 

bin/magento maintenance: enable


Create a backup of the composer.json file

cp composer.json composer.json.bak


Add or remove specific packages based on your needs. (optional)

Upgrading from Magento Open Source to Adobe Commerce, remove the Magento Open Source package


composer remove magento/product-community-edition –no-update


Upgrade Magento 2 instance 

composer require-commerce magento/<product> <version> –no-update [–interactive-root-conflicts] [–force-root-updates] [–help]

<product> (Required) product-community-edition or product-enterprise-edition.

<version> (Required) The version of Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source you are upgrading to. For example, 2.4.3.

–no-update (Required) Disables the automatic update of the dependencies.

–interactive-root-conflicts (Optional) Allows you to interactively view and update Magento2

–force-root-updates (Optional) Overrides all conflicting custom values with the expected Magento values.

–help (Optional) Provides usage details about the plugin.

composer require-commerce

magento/product-community-edition 2.4.4 –no-update –interactive-root-conflicts –force-root-updates –help 


Update the required dependencies

composer update

Update Meta Data






Update the “name”, “version”, and “description” fields in the composer.json file as needed.

Manual changes in composer file


Apply the updates

Composer Update


Clear the var/ and generated/ sub-directories

rm -rf var/cache/*

rm -rf var/page_cache/*

rm -rf generated/code/*


Update the database schema

bin/magento setup:upgrade


Disable Maintenance mode

bin/magento maintenance:disable

You are almost done. Hope you had a successful Magento upgrade. 

Now, Open your front store URL in a web browser to check whether the upgrade was successful. If your upgrade was unsuccessful, your storefront will not load properly.

If the application fails with a We’re sorry, an error has occurred while generating this email. error:

Reset file system ownership and permissions as a user with root privileges.

Clear the following directories: var/cache/, var/page_cache/, generated/code/

Check your storefront in your web browser again.

Upgrade effortlessly with Evrig

To strategize for a v.2.4.4 upgrade—or any other Adobe Commerce / Magento projects—please reach out, and we’ll start planning.


Custom API development

Our custom API Development services in Magento enables your E-Commerce platform to have a strong blend of services enabling the customers to easily switch between programs and use your platform without any trouble. Thus, you can use our Custom API Development service which is the need of hour and get well-prepared to handle all the requirements of your customers. 

Magento 2 Hyvä Themes Development

Our Hyvä theme developers assist clients in creating stores that are quick to load and operate well across all devices. Therefore, you get the most out of the store through our Magento 2 Hyvä theme development. Our Magento developers dedicate themselves to making your store better than any other theme.

Magento 2 Upgrade

Evrig’s Magento upgradation service offers improved security and scalability and new features that improve speed of e-commerce platform. It also includes enhanced security to protect against potential flaws and vulnerabilities. Avail our Magento 2 Upgradation service and enable yourself to stay up-to-date and avoid errors and loss of valuable data during the upgradation process.

Magento 2 Migration

Migrating to Magento 2 with the assistance of our Magento Developers can prevent security breaches and potential business losses due to a lack of functionalities. Better and superior extensions, a better user experience, and enticing smart tools are all benefits of upgrading to Magento 2 through our online Magento 2 Migration Services. Evrig's team of skilled Magento 2 certified developers, and community insider partners has the knowledge of  know-how to structure your online store with superior features.

Magento 2 Code Audit

Assess a website's safety, accessibility, and functionality through our Magento 2 Code Audit service. Spend less time and effort by letting our experts make your online store operate properly. Our Magento Code Audit Service includes a comprehensive code analysis and recommendations to fix any coding errors before they worsen or become more problematic.

Magento 2 Performance Optimization

As a result of our Magento 2 Performance Optimization service, your website will operate more quickly and be able to manage more traffic and a larger inventory. This will also help you in Search Engine Optimization and gain a good amount of traffic. Magento 2 performance optimization is a complicated process and our Magento experts can simplify it for yourself. 

Magento 2 Theme Development

Theme is the first impression of your business and therefore, our Magento 2 Theme Development offers unique, creative, eye-catching and customised themes. We also offer consultancy services in Magento 2 theme development in which you can contact a well-experienced designer and know about the perfect combination of colours and third-party themes as per your business requirements.

Magento Consulting

Our Magento consulting and eCommerce optimization services take into account both the tactical and technological aspects of the operation of your Magento site, assuring a branded, customer-centric, and effective online shopping experience.  Our team of Magento Developers at Evrig are here to assist you so you get assured and excellent performance, stability, security, feature-rich experiences, and scalability for future expansion.

Magento 2 Maintenance

Web applications built using Magento are robust and intricate. So, there will always be problems that arise while you manage your online business that will need to be resolved precisely in order to maintain a quick and polished website and a streamlined internal operation. As a result, you will need to have Magento 2 Maintenance Services where experienced Magento Developers work for you while your online business is operating in order to guarantee a quick and polished website as well as efficient internal operations. You receive peace of mind while working with our Magento Developers as you know that your online store is operating successfully.

Headless Commerce

If you run a Magento store, you should not miss our headless commerce Magento Service. The separation of the front end and back end of a website is implied by Evrig’s Headless Commerce Magento Service. Among the other advantages while working with Evrig for Headless Commerce Service in Magento can help you in increasing speed and elevating the UX/UI on different devices.




Evrig is the team of Magento experts, developers, designers, project managers that have decades of experience working in Magento 2 Upgrade Service and Magento Website Development. Our Magento experts have been staying up-to-date with the latest trends and features of Magento ever since we launched our business.

With us, you get reliable solutions, timely delivery and amazing  Magento products and services that can boost your business. Your business is as valuable as our business is to us and therefore, we treat our clients as our family. It is our constant endeavour to serve clients like you so that you and your business can achieve new heights. 

We at Evrig are a team of professionals looking forward to working with you and providing you with the best Magento Upgrade Service and Magento Development Services that help you turn your business or a startup into a most profitable venture. You won’t need to worry about anything while working with Evrig as our experts will be at your service ensuring your Magento Store is always up and earning business without any hassle. 


Our Magento Developers, Designers and all the experts in various fields of Magento Project Development have more than decades of experience. Working with our experienced professionals in Magento ensures your growth without having to waste your valuable time, money and energy. 


Our team has won hundreds of national and international prestigious awards. It is our hustle to provide the best Magento Development Services or Magento Upgrade Service  that have helped our team learn and get the recognition for their dedication.


Evrig’s team ensures you exclusive training abilities in Magento Development and Upgradation  that can help you adapt, grow in your business and practically achieve your goals in the most effective and stress-free way feasible.


The data that you shared with us is highly confidential. To keep it secure and private, we do sign an NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement between you and our company. Later, we share the data with our employees or contractors who also have signed a legal agreement with our company. We also do use a lighter version of the database instead of a production database for local development.

We work using multiple engagement models like Fixed Cost, Time & Material, or Dedicated development. Depending on the model and the number of resources required, our rate may vary.

During the development, we will manage the source code and after receiving 100% payment, we will share it with you. You can customize it based on your needs but if some 3rd party modules are used, you can not duplicate and use them for selling purposes.

Yes, we do have a team of developers with certifications in Magento 2. We have a total of 21+ certifications with different proficiency levels.

Yes, we have an experienced team in Magento who have worked with the Adobe commerce on-premise version as well as Adobe commerce on the cloud. We have also people with certifications in Adobe Commerce cloud architecture.

We do work in Indian Standard Time (GMT+05:30) zone from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM. However, if you need some extended support for the dedicated development on regular basis, we can accommodate that as well. We also work with the US and Mexico-based clients where the assigned project manager coordinates with them once or twice a week depending on the need.

We normally work on standard weekdays like Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be weekends.

We use the standard communication tools like Slack and, Skype for day-to-day communication. For video & screen sharing based meetings, we use the Google Meet. We have also used other tools like Microsoft team and Zoom meeting based on client requirements.

Yes, we can set up the repository like Github or Bitbucket and also manage the different environments like staging or production.

We have a Magento team who are trained in the Magento 2 development by authorized Magento trainers. All development in Magento is done based on the Magento 2 standard best practices. To ensure code quality, our tech lead level team reviews the code before pushing to the server.

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