Tired of how your Magento store looks? Want to give it a fresh vibe? Well, shifting from the old Luma theme to the cool Hyvä theme for your Magento 2 store could be just what you need. This switch brings a bunch of awesome features and customizations that will totally elevate the appearance of your store’s user interface.

Thinking about shifting your Magento store to the Hyvä theme? Well, you’re in the right place. This article is your guide to the entire process of migrating to the Hyvä theme. We’ll walk you through every detail, ensuring a smooth transition that lets you make the most of your current theme’s capabilities.

How can Hyvä Theme change the face of your Magento 2 store?

To comprehend why the Hyvä theme was created, it’s essential to grasp the performance issues present in Magento 2 due to its default Luma theme. The default Magento theme utilizes a significant amount of JavaScript that loads with every page, making it difficult to streamline the extensive code. To address these challenges, Hyvä crafted a theme dedicated to optimizing the performance of Magento 2.

By employing Alpine.js, Hyvä significantly diminishes the JS files that need to be loaded. This reduction results in a remarkable 13 times improvement in loading speed after eliminating unnecessary JS components. Compared to the bundling approach in Magento 2 for handling high-volume requests, Hyvä theme proves to be a superior alternative. Magento 2 bundling can be cumbersome, less user-friendly, and often comes with coding-related challenges.

Get Ready to Migrate to Hyvä theme

Before you kick off the transition to the Hyvä theme in your Magento store, there are specific preparatory steps to follow. These include crucial tasks such as backing up your store, exploring the features of the Hyvä theme, reviewing the customization options of your current theme, and checking the compatibility of third-party extensions.

Assess Third-Party Extensions:

The initial phase in getting ready to migrate your Magento store to the Hyvä theme involves examining the third-party extensions installed on your Magento store. In particular, it’s crucial to determine which extension(s) engage with the frontend code of the theme. If any extension interacts with the theme, it must be updated to be compatible with the Hyvä theme.

With the soaring popularity of the Hyvä theme, Magento 2 extension developers have also stepped up by offering compatibility with Hyvä. Moreover, the community actively produces compatibility upgrades for various widely-used extensions. You can find an up-to-date list of requested and available compatibility modules for the Hyvä Theme on the publicly accessible Hyvä Compatibility Module Tracker.

With the soaring popularity of the Hyvä theme, Magento 2 extension developers have also stepped up by offering compatibility with Hyvä. Moreover, the community actively produces compatibility upgrades for various widely-used extensions. You can find an up-to-date list of requested and available compatibility modules for the Hyvä Theme on the publicly accessible Hyvä Compatibility Module Tracker.

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Review Customizations:

If you’ve customised the frontend code of your Magento store, it’s essential to make Hyvä compatibility updates for those customizations. The level of effort needed for these updates depends on the complexity of your Magento store. Therefore, this preparatory step is crucial before initiating the migration to the Hyvä theme.

Secure Your Store with a Backup:

Transitioning your Magento 2 store to the Hyvä theme is a significant change, and we strongly advise creating a backup of your Magento 2 store before undertaking any major modifications. This backup encompasses not only your database but also all associated files. This precautionary step ensures that if anything goes awry, you can still handle the situation.

Explore Hyvä Theme Features:

Before migration, you must go through all the features of the Hyvä theme. It will help you know how to use all of its features and how to change the way it works. Having a pre-knowledge of the Hyvä theme will help you get the most out of it. You must ensure that you are using the latest version of the Hyvä theme with top-notch functionality.

For comprehensive details on the Hyvä Theme, including key aspects like Hyvä themes, Hyvä Checkout, Hyvä Widgets, Hyvä UI Library, and Hyvä Admin, you can refer to the official documentation. Simply click on the relevant topic to access all the information you need.

Hyvä Theme Installation:

With the preparations in place, it’s time to embark on the migration process by delving into the fundamentals of setting up this exciting theme. In these steps, you’ll receive guidance on obtaining the Hyvä Theme Files, installing the required extension, and gearing up to captivate your buyers.

Retrieve Hyvä Theme Files:

You can obtain all the necessary files for the Hyvä theme by visiting the official Hyvä website. While there is an upfront cost for Hyvä, this one-time payment is an investment that pays off. Once downloaded, ensure you have access to all the files and any additional tools provided by the theme author.

Installing the Hyvä Theme Extension:

Extensions play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of a theme, so their installation requires careful attention. This ensures a smooth transition for your Hyvä theme, allowing it to function as intended. Remember, the careful addition of plugins is the key element for a successful Hyvä Theme Migration.

Activation and Setup:

Once you’ve uploaded the necessary theme files and extensions, it’s time to initiate the theme transfer process on the admin page of your Magento 2 store. Head to the theme settings page, and here you’ll unlock the potential of the Hyvä theme.

At this point, you have the flexibility to modify fundamental elements of the theme, including colors, styles, and layouts, ensuring the theme aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

After making these adjustments, remember to activate the changes; otherwise, customers won’t see the updates. At Evrig Solutions, we specialize in migrating Magento 2 stores to the Hyvä theme, enhancing the overall look and feel of your store.

Migrating Essential Data:

After installing the Hyvä theme, the next step involves transferring all the necessary data back to your store. Pay particular attention to custom CSS, widgets, and CMS pages/blocks to ensure a successful Hyvä theme migration. Our developers possess expertise in this process, ensuring a seamless transfer without anything being left out or distorted.

Custom CSS Migration:

Our developers are well-versed in the Tailwind CSS framework utilized by the Hyvä theme. This framework simplifies customization and contributes to creating a more responsive design, which is pretty cool.

Widgets Migration:

For widget migration, identify the tools used in your default Luma theme and replicate them for the Hyvä theme transfer. Leverage Hyvä’s customizable options to modify widgets or copy their code during this process. Ensuring smooth adjustments is crucial if you aim to use the Hyvä theme while preserving the functionality and aesthetics of your website.

CMS Pages and Blocks Migration:

In the final step of the migration process, meticulously transfer the existing CMS pages of your Magento store, ensuring they seamlessly align with the style of the new theme. This guarantees that your content displays correctly for your customers throughout the migration.

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Customization After Migration:

After completing the migration, it’s crucial to implement certain customizations to ensure seamless functionality in your Magento store and eliminate any deformities at the frontend. At Evrig Solutions, we guarantee a smooth transition by enhancing all elements on the website.

We also specialize in refining third-party extensions, ensuring their seamless functionality and enhancing the overall user experience for customers. Here are all the essential customizations needed in the Hyvä theme transfer process:

Header and Footer Customization:

When transitioning to the Hyvä theme, you have the flexibility to customise the header and footer to align with your brand theme. Hyvä theme provides customization tools allowing you to embody the business spirit of your brand. Easily update your company’s contact details, navigation menus, and logo to mirror your business identity. Switching to the Hyvä theme is a quick way to enhance your online presence.

Category Page Customization:

In the Hyvä theme, you have a myriad of customization options to modify category pages. Fine-tune grid or list layouts, customize filter options, and adjust sorting features to craft a uniquely artistic user experience.

Product Page Customization:

The Hyvä theme allows extensive customization of product pages. Tailor product image displays, craft captivating product descriptions, and incorporate interesting linked product sections to enhance the overall appeal of your product pages. Transform your online business into a memorable destination for customers. Seize the opportunity to create a unique shopping experience.

Cart and Checkout Page Customization:

The cart and checkout pages mark the concluding steps of the e-commerce journey and significantly influence conversions. Enhancing the appearance and usability of these pages is crucial. They should seamlessly align with your brand’s style. Fine-tune layouts, colour palettes, and fonts to ensure they harmonise with the overall aesthetic of your store.

Upgrading 3rd Party Extensions with Hyvä Compatibility:

It’s essential to verify the compatibility of third-party plugins with the Hyvä theme before making the switch. You may need to update or modify these features to ensure a smooth transition. This ensures uninterrupted access to your services for your clients. Simplify the transition to the Hyvä Theme for your company.

Performance Optimization:

After customization, it’s crucial to ensure that the site doesn’t strain resources managing those changes, impacting loading times. Therefore, applying state-of-the-art speed optimization services is essential to ensure your Magento 2 store realises its full potential.

Image Optimization:

Compressing images without compromising quality enhances customer UI & UX, leading to better site performance in search results. This also results in faster page loading times.

Code and Script Minification:

Condense the size of your CSS and JavaScript files. Reduced size will notably impact page loading times, contributing to improved site speed.

Caching Configuration:

Caching configuration expedites the delivery of static information to users, diminishing server load and significantly speeding up page loading times.


Migrating your Magento 2 store to the Hyvä Theme marks a transformative journey for your online business. This transition requires meticulous planning, comprehensive testing, and a keen eye for detail. At Evrig Solutions, we guarantee a smooth switch to this exciting new theme, ensuring enhanced UX, performance, and design.

Our developers excel in building Magento 2 stores from the ground up, incorporating advanced features and functionalities. We specialize in seamlessly migrating your Magento 2 store from its current theme to the Hyvä theme, preserving all features and functionalities. Share your requirements with us, and let’s make this transition seamless for your business.