Hey there! Are you on the hunt for certified Magento developers in India? Well, guess what? Your search stops right here! I’ve got your back with a comprehensive guide to finding the best Magento developers just for you.

Sure, let’s dive into the world of Magento 2 developers and discover the steps to hire skilled Magento developers in India.

Magento 2 is a globally popular open-source platform for developing e-commerce websites. It offers users direct access to the source code, empowering them in their website development journey.

These platforms are incredibly versatile and can be tailored to suit various business requirements. This adaptability enables companies to expand their business rapidly and efficiently.

If you’re planning to build your website using Magento, it’s crucial to hire a proficient developer beforehand. But if you’re already managing a website on Magento 2, we comprehend the challenges you encounter in handling your e-commerce platform. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide to help you hire the best Magento developers.

Before bringing anyone on board for your website, it’s essential to follow some easy steps and a hiring guide. This approach will assist you in finding the perfect fit for your needs.

We recommend hiring developers who are trustworthy, skilled, and seasoned professionals. This way, you can significantly decrease the risks of your website crashing, being hacked, or falling victim to other malicious tactics.

The process might seem a bit challenging, but don’t worry. Just be patient and diligently follow all the steps outlined here. By doing so, you’ll undoubtedly find the ideal developer for your ecommerce website. Let’s begin and explore the process of selecting the best Magento 2 certified developer tailored just for you.

Why should you consider hiring Magento developers in India?

Are you hesitating about hiring a developer? Well, keep reading to grasp the importance and criteria for hiring Magento migration experts.

Unlike WordPress and other website development platforms, Magento is highly technical. It demands someone with substantial technical expertise to make modifications to the website.

Ever heard of Coca-Cola and Ford? Well, guess what! They both rely on Magento for their websites. Here’s a fascinating fact: businesses with Magento websites are anticipated to grow 3% faster than their counterparts. And here’s the cherry on top – Magento processes transactions worth a whopping $155 billion every year. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Before you hire a Magento developer, make sure to outline your reasons for hiring one.

The primary purpose and objective.

The initial and most crucial step is to jot down your reasons for hiring Magento 2 experts. This approach will assist you in strategizing your Magento website development effectively.

Moreover, when everyone involved in the project understands the objective clearly, they perform their tasks more effectively and with careful planning. Most importantly, when you are clear about your goals, it becomes simpler to communicate your requirements to your developer. Ensure you express exactly what you need to avoid any confusion or communication breakdown.

Be mindful of your budget!

Spending money might be simple, but investing without keeping an eye on it isn’t prudent. So, before you embark on the process of hiring your Magento Developer, ensure you carefully consider the budget you’re assigning. This approach will prevent you from overspending once the project is completed, saving you from unnecessary expenses.

Another way to monitor your expenses is by discussing this matter with your developer. Alternatively, you can try to get a rough estimate from your developers. This way, you can allocate an approximate budget accordingly.

Record and project schedule.

Once you’ve settled on your budget, it’s time to discuss the allocation for the project. During this phase, have a conversation with your Magento Developer about short-term objectives. You can also request a time estimate to gauge the waiting period and plan for other tasks in the meantime. If the timeline seems significantly extended, you have the option to either request adherence to your schedule or consider finding a new Magento Developer. Ensure the new developer comprehends and aligns with your timeframe.

The repayment strategy.

It’s advisable to talk to your Magento Developer about your payment schedule before beginning the work. We suggest linking payments to the short-term goals they achieve. This approach simplifies the work process and provides a sense of accomplishment for every completed task.

Discussing the reimbursement plan beforehand is crucial. It assists in setting your budget and prevents misunderstandings later on. Since every company or individual has unique payment policies, it’s beneficial if your developers are aware of them in advance.

Facilitating the hiring process correctly.

Let’s say the Magento developer you’ve talked to agrees to your budget and desired timeline. Are you considering hiring them? Hold on! There are still more questions to ask and topics to discuss.

Before making a decision, it’s essential to seek advice from other professionals. Consulting experienced individuals within your company to interact with the developer is a smart move. This approach allows them to assess the developer’s capabilities, helping you filter out unprofessional candidates.

The involvement framework.

What exactly is an engagement model? The engagement model encompasses the fundamental steps and strategies required to create a successful website on the Magento platform.

Please continue reading below to learn about the steps we are referring to!

  • Build Operate Transfer
  • Virtual Development Lab
  • Dedicated Development Center
  • Global Resourcing

Always monitor the progress!

Regardless of the level of experience or professionalism of your Magento developer, it’s essential to consistently monitor their progress. Utilising project management tools such as Asana, Basecamp, and others can be immensely helpful in tracking the tasks being completed.

Furthermore, you can employ Reporting tools like Report Server, Seal Report, and similar options to generate reports on completed tasks in a clear and easily understandable format.

Ensure to assess the website’s response time.

The response time of your website is a crucial metric in gauging its success. A faster loading website attracts more visitors, while a slow-loading one leads to visitor loss.

Aftercare and post-development services!

Lastly, it’s essential to inquire about the support services for your website. Even though the chances of errors or site crashes are low once your website is operational, it’s wise not to take any risks. Having access to after-development services is crucial. Always discuss the availability of post-development support with your developer.

Make sure to verify the essential skill-set before hiring your new Magento developer.

Ensure they have knowledge of programming languages:

It might sound basic, but it’s crucial: ensure your developer understands programming languages. We’re not saying they need to be experts in all languages, but having a grasp of the fundamentals is essential. Regardless of the platform they work on, a basic understanding of coding is necessary. Commonly used languages include Java, Python, PHP, and more.

Professional tip for developers:

To excel as a professional Magento Developer, it’s advisable to master the PHP language. Having proficiency in PHP ensures you consistently stay ahead in the world of Magento.

Obtaining a Magento Certification:

Are you familiar with Magento Certification? Every Magento Developer is required to pass the Magento certification exam to attain the title of a Magento Certified developer. Therefore, it’s essential to verify the Magento certification before hiring a new developer. We always advocate for a Magento certificate to ensure you’re hiring the finest developer for your needs.

Ensure they are proficient in Magento 2:

Magento 2 represents the latest and improved iteration of Magento. Consequently, your developer should be well-versed in these newer versions, staying up-to-date with the latest enhancements and updates.

When it comes to Magento 2, it stands as the ultimate eCommerce solution for any website aiming to market and sell products. Magento 2 presents a more user-friendly version of Magento, providing enhanced accessibility. Moreover, it brings forth a remarkable level of flexibility and customization options.

Ensure they possess CMS development skills.

A core Magento Developer must possess fundamental CMS Development Skills. It is crucial to evaluate these skills when hiring any web developer.

  • Website development
  • Creation of modules and themes
  • eCommerce solutions tailored for customers
  • Customer extension development
  • Building Shopping Cart functionalities

Are they proficient in integrating Magento eCommerce sites?

It’s a crucial question you should frequently pose to your developer. E-Commerce is the future; nearly every website nowadays is an online store. Your developer must understand how to seamlessly integrate eCommerce features into your site. Hence, it’s essential to hire a developer experienced in Magento eCommerce website development.

Do they possess skills as a Magento extension developer?

Having skills in Magento extensions development is indispensable. These extensions enhance data portability, engagement, and virality, bringing significant innovations to web development. Implementing them in your eCommerce business can expand your reach to a diverse audience, attracting more customers.

Proficiency in custom Magento theme integration is essential.

Having expertise in crafting custom CMS themes is a hallmark of a proficient Magento developer. A skilled Magento 2 theme developer possesses customization abilities to create CMS themes tailored to meet clients’ demands. This is crucial as businesses often require themes that precisely align with their brand and company identity.

They should have expertise in JavaScript!

Make sure to hire a dedicated Magento developer who possesses extensive expertise in JavaScript, CMS, and MVC frameworks. This proficiency enables the addition of custom functionalities that seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce business.

Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Your developer must be knowledgeable about migrating a Magento site from Magento 1 to Magento 2.x. It is a crucial aspect of Magento site development.

Different types of developers you might require:

Magento backend developer: You’ll need a backend developer to build the server-side of your website. This developer will manage the central database and assist in app creation. Strong technical expertise and attention to detail are essential qualities for backend developers.

Magento front-end developers: For creating visually appealing websites or apps by improving elements like fonts, colors, layout, and navigation, you require Magento 2 front-end developers. These developers should possess expertise in coding languages such as PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, APIs, and Magento CMS.

Magento full-stack developers: Who are they? A full-stack developer excels in both back-end and front-end development. A Magento full-stack developer is proficient in addressing challenges related to both the back-end and front-end aspects of websites.

How to Identify a skilled Magento developer?

Wondering how to find the right Magento developer for your needs? Don’t worry, here are the essential steps to help you choose the perfect Magento developer for your dream project.

1. Check out past reviews and ratings!

Examine their previous ratings and reviews provided by clients they’ve worked with. This will provide insights into their expertise, experience, and professionalism.

2. Obtain referrals from their former clients!

Engaging with their past clients or employers is beneficial. It offers precise insights into their work capabilities, working approaches, and dedication. This direct interaction allows you to understand their methods and commitment towards the tasks.

3. Review their work portfolio and credentials!

Request their portfolio and credentials, as they provide valuable insights into their work history and certifications. A comprehensive portfolio should encompass their previous projects, experience, certifications, as well as details about their design and coding work.

4. Clarify your requirements in detail!

Provide a thorough explanation of your plans, guidelines, and all aspects of the project to your developer. This clarity is crucial as it assists developers in delivering the precise results you anticipate.

5. Administer a sample test!

Before selecting a Magento developer, it’s recommended to conduct a sample test. This helps you assess their skill level and expertise, saving both your time and ensuring you choose the right candidate.

6. Strong communication skills are essential!

This is a crucial aspect to consider when hiring a Magento developer. Strong communication skills paired with technical expertise are essential. This combination significantly facilitates the development process.


Magento can be a complex platform for developers. Hence, it’s crucial to have an expert Magento 2 developer who can handle all the necessary coding. Here, we’ve provided tips and suggestions to help you find the ideal certified full-stack Magento developers for hire.

Opting for a Magento 2 expert is the most efficient way to save both time and effort. Alternatively, choosing a reputable Magento 2 agency with a proven track record can also be a viable path forward. While finding such a proficient Magento development company may require some effort, Evrig Solutions stands out as a leading Magento development company in India. Let’s connect and discuss your Magento 2 development project, ensuring its success.