How do you get your online shop ready for the holiday season? Explore 12 Christmas marketing ideas to keep you ahead of the game.

As Christmas approaches, it’s time to start gearing up for the big day. Regardless of your industry, there’s likely an opportunity to boost your sales.

However, this time of year requires some special considerations to capture customers’ attention.

While there are countless marketing ideas available online, implementing many of them for your online store is essential. The main challenge lies in standing out among the thousands of offers provided by other brands. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of ideas tailored for Christmas and New Year that are particularly effective.

10 Outstanding Christmas Marketing Ideas for Your Online Ecommerce Store

On Black Friday, your online store is likely to experience a surge in traffic that will persist until Christmas. Hence, it’s crucial to get yourself and your website ready for an influx of heavy traffic. Test your website’s speed, navigation process, payment system, and other essential elements before the holiday rush begins again.

This period is also challenging for marketers as they strive to determine the right tactics to navigate through it. Here are the top 12 Christmas Marketing Ideas you must explore for 2022:

  • Decorate Your Homepage with a Festive Touch
  • Festive Packaging for Your Christmas Products
  • Create Personalized Gift Bundles
  • Provide Free Gifts to Your Customers
  • Infuse Your Branding with a Christmas Vibe
  • Capture Leads Through Email Marketing
  • Boost Christmas Sales with Coupons/Discounts
  • Organize a Multi-Network Giveaway
  • Provide Christmas Gift Cards
  • Design Products with a Christmas Theme

1. Decorate Your Homepage with a Festive Touch

Typically, the website homepage serves as the initial point of interaction between customers and your brand. Extending a warm welcome during this festive season can instantly elevate their celebratory spirits. Surprise your visitors with festive graphics and heartfelt wishes. However, overhauling the entire website design can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, make small changes to evoke a cozy Christmas atmosphere. These decorations are temporary, and you’ll need to revert to your original design soon!

Here are some Christmas marketing ideas to adorn your homepage:

  • Enhance your logo with holiday elements
  • Welcome visitors with decorative fonts
  • Incorporate snowfall effects or a winter-themed hero image
  • Feature festive calls-to-action
  • Display a pop-up with wishes for “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

On your homepage, various sections like sliders, social buttons, forms, newsletters, navigation, and more offer opportunities to greet your visitors. Tailor each part of your website with delightful Christmas elements based on your customers’ preferences. Ensure the new design seamlessly aligns with your website theme and color scheme.

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2. Festive Packaging for Your Christmas Products

During this time of the year, people are purchasing gifts for their family and friends. According to Statista, consumers in the United States are anticipated to spend an average of approximately 886 U.S. dollars on Christmas gifts in 2023. Given that, individuals often gravitate towards products with attractive packaging for their gifts. To enhance the unboxing experience for recipients, consider offering services such as special gift boxes or wrapping for your eCommerce products. This thoughtful touch can make buyers more inclined to choose products from your eCommerce shop to convey warm wishes to their loved ones.

Furthermore, exclusive Christmas packaging not only helps you distinguish yourself from the competition but also provides an opportunity to create special variants of your products. Craft something appealing that reflects both your brand values and the festive Christmas theme.

3. Create Personalized Gift Bundles

A straightforward idea behind the gift bundle is assembling similar products into one package at a discounted price. While you might sell a mop, a floor cleaner, and a bucket separately in your store, offering them as a set at a reduced price benefits your customer. Additionally, you can include a free item as a gift in the bundle.

People are inclined to make purchases when they receive a gift or discount that adds motivation to their buying decision. For instance, if customers perceive that the combined price of individual products in a bundle is lower than purchasing them separately, it creates a sense of winning. This often leads them to buy more than usual, resulting in a significant boost in your sales. This concept holds true for holiday season bumper sales.

Kylie Cosmetics serves as a prime example of the success of gift bundles. Their launch of a bundle featuring a lipstick and a lip liner became a mega success story, ultimately culminating in a total value of $600 million.

4. Provide Free Gifts to Your Customers

Gifts work like magic in boosting sales. Many online shop owners report that 50% of their customers tend to order more than one item when they receive a free gift. Additionally, a significant 80% of Americans, especially women, often share reviews expressing their satisfaction when they receive complimentary gifts during their shopping experience.

A complimentary gift plays a key role in building robust customer relationships and influencing repeat purchases. Many individuals express that a free gift lowers their overall cost, enabling them to make additional purchases. By offering the same products with an added free gift, customers are more likely to choose your brand over competitors. This, in turn, can lead to a significant influx of customers to your shop throughout the holiday season. Around the world, well-known brands like Walmart, Kroger, Costco, etc., are often associated with offering free gifts to customers based on their purchases.

This Christmas, Viktor&Rolf is presenting a complimentary Flowerbomb candle with the purchase of their iconic fragrance Flowerbomb in a 90ml or larger bottle, available through Myer. This makes for a perfect Christmas gift for a lady who appreciates a delightful floral fragrance, or even a treat for yourself.

5. Infuse Your Branding with a Christmas Vibe

Decorations will consistently remind your customers that it’s the Holiday Season. During this time of the year, people aim to surprise their loved ones with gifts. Christmas Flair not only serves as a reminder to make a purchase but also induces a fear of missing out (FOMO). Elements like tinsel, lights, sounds, etc., associated with Christmas act as stimuli that encourage buying. Indeed, people make purchases influenced by the charisma of Flair. In fact, approximately 54% of online visitors prefer watching video flair on websites. Numerous success stories of Christmas Flair effectiveness exist globally, spanning from giants to small sellers.

In the holiday season of 2014, Coca-Cola initiated a “White Christmas” campaign that captivated the people of Singapore. The catchy video message worked like magic, prompting individuals to make purchases of Coca-Cola. One contributing factor could be the novelty of the campaign, as people had never seen anything quite like it before. The campaign’s overarching claim of “Share Happiness” also played a significant role in enhancing the brand’s appeal.

Another excellent example is Apple’s “Share Your Gifts” campaign in 2018. This animated campaign offers a unique perspective on gifts by focusing on the good deeds of people rather than material elements. It became a viral branding success for Apple without the need for extensive promotion. The campaign resonated so well with audiences that it garnered around 9 million views in less than a month.

6. Capture Leads Through Email Marketing

You can employ this traditional approach to boost your online sales. However, the challenge lies in the fact that your competitors may also inundate your client’s inbox with similar content. To stand out and persuade recipients to take action in your favor, consider utilizing a Christmas-themed email template to make your users feel special. Additionally, leverage the email subject line as an effective space to showcase your creativity.

Use emails to inform your users about upcoming deals, discounts, gift cards, and special offers. Creating a sense of urgency can be a powerful tactic to attract more customers to your shop. For optimal results, categorize your database so you can send personalized emails to your recipients. This approach ensures higher open rates and increased conversions.

7. Boost Christmas Sales with Coupons/Discounts

Approximately 93% of people utilize various discount cards or coupons throughout the year. Discounts are perceived as an immediate gain in the customer’s perspective. In the eyes of a customer, acquiring a 100% more quantity is equivalent to a 50% discount. People tend to prioritize spending less money than the actual price rather than getting more, leading to the swift effectiveness of discounts.

There are numerous success stories associated with discounts, and one of the most notable examples is the story of Sam Walton. The foundation of today’s Walmart was built on the concept of deep discounts. In 1962, the visionary Sam Walton recognized that most stores were essentially doing the same thing—selling products. He understood the need for something innovative to motivate consumer buying behavior. Realizing that discounts would shape the future of selling, Walton implemented deep discounts, leading to a remarkable surge in sales records. Walmart began achieving business figures exceeding a million dollars annually, with newspapers highlighting that Walmart had effectively reduced the Cost of Living in Oklahoma.

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8. Organize a Multi-Network Giveaway

Christmas giveaways generate excitement by offering people the opportunity to win something for free. Online shop owners can utilize various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to organize their giveaway programs. In the present era, social media stands out as one of the most powerful methods to connect with the right audience and enhance brand awareness. Utilize your official social media pages to host a grand giveaway this year.

The optimal time to organize a giveaway contest is from the 1st to the 17th of December. You can announce the winners on the 25th or Christmas Eve. For instance, SoFortWorthIt.com implemented a successful strategy for their Christmas giveaways. Participants first visit Christy’s Instagram page to enroll, and for more detailed information about the giveaway, they can refer to Christy’s blog. This approach not only encourages users to engage with their Instagram page but also redirects them to the website, creating a synergistic online presence.

9. Provide Christmas Gift Cards

Gift cards are among the most favored gift items for people of all generations. Present your loved ones with gift cards this festive season and let them enjoy the freedom to choose their own presents. This eliminates any concerns about whether they will like the items or not.

As an online retailer, it’s advisable to provide gift cards in various price ranges, allowing buyers to choose the one that aligns with their budget. You can offer digital gift cards or e-vouchers, which can be instantly delivered to the recipient via email or SMS, or scheduled for delivery on a specified date.

Here are the key reasons to offer Gift Cards in your shop:

  • Boost your revenue
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Minimize the likelihood of returns
  • Attract new clients
  • Augment sales during the holidays

To further incentivize your customers, consider offering special discounts with gift cards, such as a $5 discount gift card for purchases over $30. Alternatively, provide a discount code that they can redeem during the Christmas season.

10. Design Products with a Christmas Theme

During this holiday season, people are inclined to purchase items that infuse a more festive spirit into their lives. If your online shop offers a range of products, consider incorporating Christmas design elements to witness a significant surge in your sales. Whether it’s Christmas tree-shaped cookies, sweaters adorned with snowmen, or dog chew toys sporting Santa hats, these festive touches can capture the holiday spirit and attract more customers to your products.

Elevate Your Christmas Marketing Ideas Before It’s Too Late!

We are now in the Christmas holiday season – the most significant and final opportunity of the year to give your annual revenue one last boost. Many people have already begun searching for Christmas gifts. If you haven’t formulated your Christmas plan yet, it’s high time to engage in thorough planning and prepare your online shop for the grandest event of the year.

In this festive season, every brand presents unique ideas and creativity. This makes it challenging for marketers to formulate a robust strategy that effectively attracts their prospects. Explore the aforementioned Christmas marketing ideas and determine which one aligns best with your business. Remember, by bringing joy to your customers during this holiday season, you can cultivate a returning customer base for your shop.