Many e-commerce store owners are well acquainted with the LUMA theme. However, it had a significant limitation in that it was not updated regularly. The general consensus in the industry is that its performance was subpar and upgrading it was a daunting and expensive task.

After some time, the Hyvä theme was introduced to the market, and its speedy frontend framework quickly gained recognition in the world of Magento 2 website development. In fact, the Hyvä theme has been found to outperform other Magento frontend alternatives by as much as 250%.

An Introduction to Hyva theme

The Hyvä theme was initiated by Willem Wigman with the aim of enhancing and streamlining the frontend of Magento. Its primary focus is on storefronts, and it has gained popularity among prominent Magento vendors in the community.

The Hyvä theme serves as a substitute for Progressive Web Apps (PWA). The process of setting up a store with PWA is demanding, requiring significant expertise, resources, and financial investment. By contrast, Hyvä is relatively straightforward, more compatible, and delivers superior performance. The Hyvä theme comprises two distinct themes: Hyvä reset theme and Hyvä default theme.

The Hyvä default theme is designed to simplify the Magento website development process by removing unnecessary blocks and using a javascript library like Alpine.js and TailwindCSS that involves less code. This approach has sparked interest among Magento developers as it allows them to create websites without feeling overwhelmed, similar to working with the Luma tech stack.

Hyvä Theme: A Substitute to PWA for Magento Development

PWA is a revolutionary product that provides a new front-end solution for users working on Magento2.

The PWA theme has not been universally accepted as a solution for all eCommerce platforms. Even creating a basic eCommerce store with this theme requires a high level of technical expertise, making it difficult to implement without significant effort.

In the past, using a PWA solution to create an online store was not a popular choice due to its complicated development process, which made many players search for alternative solutions. Hyvä theme emerged as a successful alternative to PWA for developing online stores.

The Hyva frontend also includes various components that can be utilized to enhance the functionality of the platform.

  • Hyva provides additional components for improving the user experience of the Customer Data sections of Magento 2 sites, such as the Magento2 Graphql tokens which can be applied to your store, in addition to the customer and cart tokens.
  • Hyvä provides a module for Magento2 admin that facilitates the creation of grids and forms in the adminhtml section of Magento 2 quickly and easily.
  • The Hyvä Checkout for Magento2 is an open-source and headless configurable React checkout solution that works effectively with both Luma and Hyva themes. This checkout module offers a smooth and streamlined checkout process for customers, making it an attractive option for Magento2 store owners.
  • The Hyvä GitHub page provides a small testing module for the Hyvä admin module.

Hyvä vs PWA: A Comprehensive Comparison of Features

By now, it should be evident to you why the Hyvä theme is a suitable choice for your online store, as it includes all the necessary features and guarantees fast page speed. It’s worth mentioning again that the Hyvä theme’s performance is exceptional. It is designed to work on various smart devices, and the best part is that it loads your website in just 2 seconds, making the time to interact even shorter.

It’s not surprising that the Hyva Theme can achieve a near-perfect score in every category of Lighthouse, given its outstanding performance. For digital businesses, having a site that is quick and efficient can be highly beneficial for SEO. A fast website is the initial step to achieving solid SEO outcomes, which can lead to increased traffic and positive feedback from users. Hyva Theme excels in this aspect.

1. Simplify by Eliminating Complexity!

Migrating from the Hyvä theme to the default Magento2 Luma-based theme is a straightforward process, allowing users to rebuild or integrate new features easily. The default Luma-based theme has a more complex architecture for each displayed component on the website, but it doesn’t have intermingled codes that can pose a challenge to developers. The Hyvä theme simplifies the deployment process, enabling users to launch their website quickly.

2. Exceptional developer experience

The Hyvä themes are designed to make the work of merchants and developers easier when it comes to Magento2. They not only aim to enhance customer experience but also provide convenience to developers. The themes have a user-friendly interface that allows developers to create and improve with ease, without facing any hindrance. This helps to reduce the learning curve of developers and makes their work more streamlined.

3. Shorten the time it takes to development

Compared to the default themes in Magento, Hyvä theme has a cleaner and more compatible frontend technology. This makes it easier for developers to work with, as they no longer have to struggle with complex coding and changes. Additionally, maintenance and debugging processes have become simpler with the use of Hyvä theme. Having skilled developers on the team can also speed up the website development process and make it more efficient.

4. Flexibility and User-friendliness

If you have a Magento 2 website and want to switch from the default theme to Hyvä, you can do it easily without having to reinstall the platform or rebuild customized functionalities from scratch. However, it’s important to note that Hyvä is not compatible with Magento 2.3 or lower versions. To use Hyvä, you need to update your website to Magento 2.4 or a newer version.

Using Hyva Theme for Optimizing Magento Site Speed

The development of Adobe Commerce for Magento eCommerce was limited in terms of options when it came to the Luma-based theme. Although Luma provided a good front-end experience, it was complex. On the other hand, the Hyvä theme is designed with a minimalist and clean approach that prioritizes simplicity and usability. Moreover, the Hyvä theme offers more functional features like customizable product pages and improved navigation compared to the clean and elegant Luma theme. In summary, the following are some key differences between Hyvä and Luma themes:

  • Design – The Hyvä theme is characterized by a modern and streamlined design that prioritizes ease of navigation. In contrast, the Luma theme has a more classic and elegant design that emphasizes vivid visuals and vibrant colors.
  • Functionality – The Hyvä theme provides several advanced features, including customizable product pages, quick view options, and a responsive design that adjusts to various screen sizes. Conversely, the Luma theme concentrates more on delivering an intuitive and smooth shopping experience, with features such as product filtering and wish lists.
  • Customizability – The Hyvä theme has a lot of flexibility for customization, including options for changing colors, fonts, and other design elements. In contrast, the Luma theme provides fewer customization options but has pre-designed templates and color schemes that can be quickly applied to a store.

The Hyvä and Luma themes have distinct approaches to e-commerce design, with Hyvä prioritizing modern functionality while Luma emphasizes traditional elegance. The Hyvä theme stands out by streamlining complexity, reducing dependencies, and improving the developer experience and performance. Its focus is on improving development velocity and offering helpful tools.

  • Simplify
  • reduce dependencies
  • minimize the learning curve
  • improve the developer experience
  • increase development speed
  • enhance performance

Hyvä has become a popular choice for developers who prefer a non-JavaScript alternative to headless PWA. This has also benefited merchants, who find it easier to maintain and implement Hyvä, resulting in cost savings and more efficient website building. Compared to Luma, Hyvä outperforms in terms of mobile optimization and architecture, making it a preferred option for maintaining Magento2 storefronts.


The Hyvä theme has revolutionised the way Magento eCommerce stores are developed and designed. Its minimalist and user-friendly approach, along with advanced features and efficient performance, has made it a popular choice among both developers and merchants. As a leading Magento Hyvä theme development company, Evrig Solutions offers a range of services to help businesses create customised and high-performing eCommerce stores using the Hyvä theme. With our expertise and experience, we can help you take advantage of the many benefits that Hyvä has to offer and create an exceptional eCommerce store that meets your unique needs and goals. Contact us today!