As the popularity of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) grows, more Magento businesses and their customers are investing significant amounts of time and money into building them. However, selecting the perfect Magento PWA theme is crucial to the success of this project. An appropriate theme will provide an exceptional user experience, resulting in increased online purchases from visitors to the eCommerce store.

The process of selecting the perfect PWA theme can be daunting and complex, especially for Magento store owners who are not tech experts. Recognizing the pivotal role of choosing the right theme for Magento PWA, this article aims to how to choose magento pwa theme.

All about Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Prior to delving into the specifics of Magento PWA themes, we would like to offer some general information on PWAs and their key characteristics.

PWA refers to a collection of mobile web application development techniques introduced by Google in 2015 that have become increasingly popular among developers due to their simple development process and effective user engagement.

In simpler terms, a PWA is a website that appears and functions similarly to a native app. By utilizing a web stack, PWA provides various functionalities and a seamless user experience similar to a native app. It can even perform tasks offline and quickly access device features such as the microphone and camera.

A Magento PWA theme incorporates the benefits of a responsive website to provide an exceptional user experience for visitors. Numerous providers offer themes for PWA that have achieved significant success in this field.

Key Features of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) possess several distinguishing features that set them apart from traditional web and native apps. Here are a few notable features of PWAs:

Complete Browser Compatibility and Responsiveness of PWAs

The development of PWAs is founded on progressive enhancement principles, which prioritize web design that delivers essential features and content to all users, regardless of their browser type or poor connection quality. Progressive enhancement enables more complex page versions to be provided to visitors while still supporting them.

Due to this capability, PWAs can run on any browser and work with any device, independent of its features or screen size. Whether they are using a tablet or mobile device, users will have a consistent experience.

Independence of Connectivity and Security in PWAs

Regarding connectivity, PWAs can operate smoothly offline or on weak network connections. Moreover, PWAs are transmitted through HTTPS, ensuring a high level of security as unauthorized users cannot access the content.

Discoverability and Easy Installation

PWAs are recognized as applications by search engines, but they are not distributed through app stores. Instead, they can be conveniently found through a URL and easily installed by visiting a site and adding it to the user’s device home screen.

Considering the notable features of PWAs, it is now necessary to explore additional factors for selecting the appropriate theme.

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How to Choose Magento PWA Theme

Choosing an appropriate Magento PWA theme is crucial in providing an exceptional experience for visitors. Recognizing its significance, we will now provide you with additional tips to consider when selecting a PWA theme for your eCommerce store.

Frameworks for Developing PWA

There are various PWA frameworks available for developing themes, but they can be classified into two types for Magento store owners: themes established by Magento PWA Studio and other PWA frameworks.

Each framework has its own advantages to meet the needs of different PWA theme development projects. However, we recommend using Magento PWA Studio as a tool to develop themes for online stores because storefronts based on PWA Studio are built on top of the Magento 2 backend and follow Magento’s principles of extensibility. This means that they will be equipped with the latest features when the platform evolves, which ensures future compatibility.

PWA Studio also provides a more flexible solution for brands than traditional Magento themes and offers solutions for common issues faced by other PWA frameworks.

Designing a PWA Theme for Magento 2

The appearance of an online store is crucial in making a good impression on potential customers. The theme used in the store plays a significant role in attracting or repelling visitors. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the design of the PWA theme to create a positive impact on customers. There are some factors to consider when evaluating the design of a PWA theme.

User Friendly Environment

A framework that is considered of high quality must possess a user-friendly interface. In addition to visually pleasing graphics and attractive design elements, an interface that is easy for users to navigate and has a clear visual hierarchy is essential in attracting customers to your online store.

Choosing the right colour scheme

In addition to a user-friendly interface, choosing a suitable colour scheme for your PWA theme is crucial in enhancing the overall customer experience on your eCommerce store. The colours used in the theme should reflect the tone and image of your brand while also appealing to your target audience and product category. Taking these factors into consideration can help you choose the most appropriate colour options for your store.

Selecting a Readable Font

Having a font that is easy to read is important to capture the attention of your customers. It is best to choose a unique yet simple font, preferably a sans-serif font as it appears modern, clean, and approachable.

You should review the demo and trial version of the theme and consider your feelings as a consumer to determine the most suitable option. The Magento 2 PWA theme is currently the only option that can meet most requirements, so be sure to include it in your checklist when choosing a theme for your store.

Magento 2 PWA theme’s technical characteristics

To find the desired features in a theme, it’s essential to check the provider’s website and demo. Technical attributes can be divided into two categories: core features, which every Magento store must have, and add-on features, which are optional and depend on the store owner’s preference. A suitable theme should fulfill the default functions of a PWA theme, such as responsiveness, compatibility, fast loading speed, independent internet connection, push notification features, and easy installation.

Importance of Responsiveness and Compatibility

PWA is built on the principle of progressive enhancement, which ensures that it is fully responsive and can provide all users with the same functionality and content regardless of the device or browser they are using. PWA is designed to be compatible with all types of browsers and devices, whether it is Chrome or Safari, tablet or desktop, or mobile devices.

Achieving a Mobile App Experience

The PWA provides an app-like experience for users, with smooth navigation and interactions similar to those of native apps. Additionally, users can easily download the web application by tapping on a popup notification and adding it to their home screen, eliminating the need to download an app from an app store and take up space on their device.

Quick Page Load Times

The loading speed of PWA is fast and it enables visitors to access your website instantly. This leads to a better user experience and helps visitors to focus on your content, ultimately leading to more time spent on your store.


The push notification feature of PWA enables merchants to deliver targeted content to their customers even when their app is not running. This increases the likelihood of customers opening their site and helps to improve customer engagement.

Automatic Updating Feature

One important feature that a Magento PWA theme should have is the ability to update automatically without needing the developer’s permission. This means that store owners can easily update their theme without any hassle. Customers will receive a notification about the update and once they refresh the page, the updated version will be available for use.


When choosing a Magento 2 PWA theme for your website, it’s important to consider factors such as your website’s unique needs, user experience, mobile responsiveness, customization options, and overall design. Working with a reliable Magento 2 PWA development company like Evrig Solutions can help ensure that you choose the best PWA theme for your website, and that it is implemented and customised to meet your specific requirements. By considering these factors and working with a reputable development team, you can create a seamless and engaging mobile experience for your customers using Magento 2 PWA technology.