We’re happy to announce a brand new extension to make managing your Magento 2 store even easier – Evrig’s HubSpot Customer Sync! This extension is designed specifically for store owners who use HubSpot to keep track of their customers.

Stop Struggling with Data – Keep Everything in Sync!

Ever felt like you have customer information scattered across different places, making it hard to keep track of everything? You’re not alone! This can be confusing for both you and your customers.

Evrig’s HubSpot Customer Sync fixes this problem! It acts like a bridge between your Magento Store and HubSpot, automatically keeping all your customer information up-to-date in both places.

Here’s what Evrig’s HubSpot Customer Sync can do for you:

  • Super Easy to Use: No need to be a tech expert! Setting up the extension is quick and simple.
  • Automatic Updates: Whenever a new customer signs up on your store, their information automatically gets added to your HubSpot CRM – no need to do it manually!
  • Move Existing Data: Already have a bunch of customers in your store? No problem! You can easily transfer all their information to HubSpot with a single click.
  • Save Time: Stop wasting time manually updating customer information in two places. Evrig’s HubSpot Customer Sync does it all for you!
  • Works Seamlessly: This extension works with both Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce.

Perfect for Stores Using HubSpot CRM:

If you use HubSpot to manage your customer relationships (CRM), Evrig’s HubSpot Customer Sync is the perfect tool for you!

Say goodbye to data headaches and hello to a smoother way to manage your customers. Streamline your processes, save time, and get the most out of your CRM with seamless customer data integration!

Ready to make managing your customers easier? Download Evrig’s HubSpot Customer Sync for Magento 2 today!

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