Hyvä themes are designed with a focus on lowering dependencies on third-party libraries, making them manageable and efficient. This approach emphasizes simplicity, performance, and developer efficiency, significantly enhancing the development experience and improving the performance and user experience of Magento stores.

Core Principles of Hyva themes:

  • Reduced Complexity
  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Developer Experience
  • Improved Development Velocity
  • Reduced Dependencies

As one of the most innovative and thriving PHP ecosystems, Laravel shows us how PHP can thrive at an incredible speed. So hyva leverages a lot of tools that come from the Laravel Ecosystem.

With Hyva theme development we can use Tailwind CSS and AlpineJS to build a fast and flexible frontend theme for Magento.

Tailwind CSS:

One of the cornerstone technologies in Hyvä themes is Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework that offers a radically different approach to styling web applications.

  • Utility-First Philosophy: Tailwind CSS allows developers to use predefined utility classes to build custom designs directly in their markup. This approach reduces the need for writing custom CSS and ensures a more consistent and maintainable codebase.
  • Customizability: Tailwind is highly customizable, allowing developers to configure it to match their design requirements. This flexibility ensures that while you’re using a framework, you’re not constrained by its limitations.
  • Performance Benefits: By using only the CSS that is needed, Tailwind helps reduce the size of CSS files, leading to faster load times and better performance metrics.


Alpine.js is another key component of the Hyvä theme’s technology stack. It is a lightweight JavaScript framework that offers the reactive and declarative nature of larger frameworks like Vue.js or React but with a much smaller footprint.

  • Minimalistic and Efficient: Alpine.js provides the reactive and declarative capabilities of larger frameworks without the overhead. This makes it ideal for enhancing the interactivity of web pages without compromising on performance.
  • Ease of Use: Developers can use Alpine.js directly in HTML, making it easy to integrate and use. This speeds up development.
  • Performance: The small footprint of Alpine.js ensures that the JavaScript execution is fast and efficient, contributing to better overall performance.

Modern Build Tools: Webpack and Vite

Hyvä themes leverage modern build tools like Webpack and Vite, which play a crucial role in optimizing and managing front-end assets.

  • Webpack: A powerful build tool that allows for the bundling and optimization of JavaScript, CSS, and other assets. Webpack helps in managing dependencies, splitting code, and ensuring that the final build is optimized for performance.
  • Vite: An increasingly popular build tool that offers a faster and more efficient development experience compared to traditional tools. Vite leverages native ES modules in the browser and provides instant hot module replacement, making the development process much smoother.

Integration with Modern Magento Features

Hyvä themes are designed to seamlessly integrate with modern Magento features, ensuring compatibility and leveraging the latest advancements in the platform.

  • PWA and GraphQL: Hyvä themes can work in conjunction with Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and GraphQL, allowing developers to build cutting-edge e-commerce experiences.
  • Magento 2 Compatibility: The themes are fully compatible with the latest versions of Magento 2, ensuring that merchants can take advantage of new features and improvements without compatibility issues.


The modern technology stack used in Hyvä themes, including Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, and modern build tools like Webpack and Vite, sets a new standard for Magento theme development. By embracing these technologies, Hyvä themes provide a streamlined, efficient, and high-performance alternative to traditional Magento themes. This modern approach not only enhances the development process but also significantly improves the performance and user experience of Magento stores, making it a preferred choice for developers and merchants alike.

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