I am sure your inbox already popup with Adobe’s mail “Now available: Magento Open Source 2.4.4” and you are very much excited to have the latest version of the Magento 2.4.4 which is much faster & scalable than ever of any Magento version. This new release can be called the massive update

You are thinking that why I should upgrade to the latest version of Magento 2 right so here are the key points which you have to take into consideration.

PHP 8.1 supports

  • Adobe has added PHP 8.1 supports, Yes, that is the spotlight enhancement for the latest Magento release 2.4.4. This significant & progressive step forward in the performance & capability of the Magento 2 Store. Of the release date of PHP 8.1, it is considered as a major update of this PHP framework which brings a lot of news for the developers.

Software Components Updation

  • Many software components have been updated in this release which includes Project libraries made compatible with the PHP 8.1 Along with the support of OpenSearch 1.1 & ElasticSearch 7.16.1

Massive Library Changes

  • Updated Javascript libraries like matchMedia.js , underscore.js,PrototypeJS, Chart.js Upgraded to PHP Unit 9.5, Upgraded to TinyMCE 5 ,LessCSS, REQUIREJS

GraphQL bugs fixed

  • Many GraphQL bugs have been fixed following Product Sorting queries, Fixed translation issues in GraphQL with multi-site and multi-language stores, Updated core GraphQL library, and many more

Decouple the Vendor Bundle Extension

  • Vendor Bundled Extensions (VBEs) are third-party extensions that are thoroughly tested and included with each supported version of Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce.
  • Adobe removed most VBEs in 2.4.4.
  • Vendors continue to support these extensions on the Adobe Commerce Marketplace.
  • As vendors no longer need to depend on core releases to deliver updates, they can provide merchants with the latest support and new capabilities more frequently.
  • Merchants should migrate to the official extensions, which are available on the Commerce Marketplace. Amazon Pay, dotdigital, Klarna, Vertex and YotPo. Only Braintree is now included in VBE.

OpenSearch Support Added

  • Adobe adds support for another in-store search engine. Along with Elasticsearch, stores can use OpenSearch.

Security Enhancement

  • Additional Security enhancement has been released which includes Email variable usage has been deprecated previously now it has been completely removed in this release as a continuation of that security risk mitigation.
  • The major change in Integration tokens has been implemented as they can no longer be used for API Bearer token authentication. Previously, an integration token could be used as a standalone key for token-based authentication. However, this behavior has been disabled by default due to the security implications of a never-expiring access token. The previous behavior can be enabled through the command line or Admin. See Token-based authentication.
  • Session IDs are no longer stored in the database. and much more security enhancement took place in this release

Platform enhancement

  • By taking into consideration platform enhancement adobe now provides the support of ElastcSearch 7.16
  • Jquery library has been upgraded to 3.6 along with jquery-UI library has been upgraded to version 1.13.0. Several other JavaScript libraries have been updated to the latest versions.

If you own the Magento Store, it is advisable to keep your eCommerce Store updated to the latest version of the platform to avoid any security breach & get the highest ROI from your eCommerce Store.

If you are looking for assistance to handle your Magento upgrade, our team will definitely help you with that.




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