The United States, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, United Arab Emirates, and dozens of other countries all have Meet Magento conferences every year. The New York version of Meet Magento 2022 was held on September 23, 2022, at a stunning location: Pier 60, overlooking the Hudson River in New York City. Considering it hadn’t happened in person for three years, its revival held extra importance. In addition to Magento-centric technical talks, the conference also featured merchant- and industry-centric parallel sessions. Just as before, it was a great chance to meet interesting people and expand your professional network. This article will discuss all the details about Evrig at meet Magento NewYork 2022. 

What is Meet Magento NewYork 2022?

Meet Magento is a meeting place for IT firms, consumers, retailers, and online merchants. The goal is to disseminate the most recent information and thoughts on how Magento is driving innovation in the e-commerce space. This is a chance for thought leaders in eCommerce to impart their knowledge to their peers around the world. Practitioners and developers were able to network with Magento staff, Magento Community members, Magento contributors, Magento Authorised Instructors, Magento businesses, and worldwide professionals from Magento Solutions, Enterprise, and Gold partners.

Important Facts about This Year’s Magento NewYork Meet

Over forty presenters, five hundred participants, and twenty-five sponsors were present at the event. Adobe, PayPal, and Vertex were the three major companies who sponsored the event. The event was also attended by Evrig, which was represented there by Vijay Golani, Co-Founder of Evrig.

Must Know Events of Meet Magento NewYork 2022

Welcome Note at Meet Magento NewYork 2022

The event was kicked up by Marsha Naidoo with a welcoming note, during which she gave attendees a sneak peek at the amazing speaker roster that will be present at the event and discussed eCommerce, development, distribution, brand management, and customer experience. Over the course of seven years, Marsha has been a pivotal figure in the Magento community, making significant contributions to the Magento Association and speaking at conferences throughout the world. At the moment, she holds the position of Chief Business Officer at Krish USA.

Augmented Reality

An overview of a recent research that Adobe Commerce conducted on customer sentiment was presented in the session titled “How Augmented Reality Can Enhance the Consumer Experience.” This session was led by Sofia Aranha, who is a Solutions Consultant at Adobe. It brought to light how essential it is to make use of cutting-edge technology, in particular Augmented Reality (AR), in order to strengthen e-commerce operations. This was further demonstrated by a demonstration of a cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) e-commerce experience.

Brent W Peterson and Vijay Golani’s Address at Magento NewYork 2022

The topic of discussion was “How enhancing your online vitals would enhance your ROI,” and the speaker was Magento Master Vijay Golani. It offered a general introduction to the Google Lighthouse. It included areas that needed improvement, including the front end, middleware, back end, and tools to assess performance. This point was further backed by illustrations and applicable solutions. In addition to his role as a global Adobe Commerce Technical and Business Instructor for Adobe Digital Learning Services, Vijay is also a co-founder at Evrig – Magento Development Company. During this session, an experienced Solution Specialist working on the Adobe Commerce Platform named Brent Peterson provided assistance to him. Talk Commerce is the name of a podcast that is hosted by Brent, and it features interviews with business owners, marketers, and other entrepreneurs who discuss the challenges they have when deciding which e-commerce platform is the most suitable for their particular requirements.

Know about Evrig – India’s Leading Magento Consulting Services Provider

Evrig- a global leader for Magento 2 Maintenance Services and Magento Development offers cutting-edge solutions that can help you mould your e-commerce initiatives and ensure that they attract customers’ attention in record time. Evrig is also a provider of the best custom Hyvä Themes that online businesses use whether they have B2B clients or B2C Clients. So, Evrig has a professional team having expertise in the Magento 2 platform, and we have a strong belief in transforming struggling businesses into customer-focused and profitable enterprises. The online businesses that we have created or reorganised have succeeded in standing out in the eyes of customers by navigating through the confusing landscape of shopping portals.

We assist new businesses in getting off the ground as well as assisting more established companies in getting ahead of the competition and achieving success. Our capabilities range from the development of brand-new e-commerce projects to the migration of legacy e-commerce websites or stores from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Our horizons are only limited by the scope of your imagination. Because they discover ecommerce professionals and experienced project managers in us, our clients rely on us from the design phase through the development phase and beyond when it comes to the deployment of their Magento 2 online shop.

We are able to make use of Magento 2 to build an online shopping environment that provides shoppers with an experience that is on par with more advanced levels. geographically, linguistically, monetarily, in terms of databases and inventories, and in other ways as well.


It was a special Meet Magento event that was packed with educational opportunities, with smart conversations, noteworthy guests, and knowledgeable presenters. After an absence of three years, it is finally happening again in person, and we couldn’t be happier about it. During the course of this one-day event, we picked up a lot of new information and met a lot of new acquaintances. Even though one year may not seem like a long time in the constantly developing world of commerce, we are already looking forward to the event that will take place the following year. If you were unable to attend the event but are interested in learning more about the digital commerce trends that will assist you in scaling your business in 2022, you can reach out to Magento experts or hire magento developers from Evrig.

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