EVRIG cannot hold itself back from sharing with you its journey of last year. But, what makes this one year noteworthy? Let’s learn from the EVRIG team itself.

Our Magical Previous Year

The pandemic made several businesses take the digital route. We seized the opportunity and leveraged our experience and technical know-how. We successfully transformed many customers’ business models by migrating the platform of their online store to Magento 2 and 3 ecommerce websites to Hyva Themes. Ecommerce came as a savior for many during the Covid times. We helped many established online stores keep pace with the advancing technology to keep up with their reputation and multifold online shopping demand. We held hands of several startups to accelerate their novel business ideas by developing ecommerce websites, improving UI/UX, migrating to a higher version of Magento, and providing experienced Magento developers, to cite a few.  

We would not mind tagging the last year as magical because we cemented many international and enterprise deals. A project with Adobe Commerce Cloud gave us tremendous confidence. 

We accomplished several prestigious projects in the following countries:

  • The USA 
  • The UK 
  • Germany
  • Italy 
  • Dubai 
  • Singapore 
  • Morocco 
  • South Africa 
  • India

Our Commitment to the Society

Celebrate every achievement by giving something back to society, we extended a helping hand with more than 50 grocery kits to underprivileged people. No help is enough, so we are continuing with this gesture as our contribution to society. 

Like in the previous year, EVRIG promises to keep up the momentum, excel in the technological arenas, and continue to walk the extra mile to bring innovation to the ecommerce industry.

Certifications and Camaraderie 

What catapulted us to the limelight in the last year, and in fact, in past years as well, was our attitude to work hard and party harder. No dull days kept our enthusiasm always up at EVRIG. Returning to physical space tempted us to go out as a team on a swag picnic at a 100 acres club, with each of us feeling special with our name on the swag. The picnic at 100acre club was a necessary dose of fun and a tool for team bonding. 

As a happy workforce, we earned many sought-after and recognized certifications, like: 

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect 
  • 20+ Magento 2 Certifications

Proud Co-Organizer of the Meet Magento India Event 

What a proud moment it was when we were the chosen ones to co-organize the Meet Magento India event on February 4, 2022! The event saw coming together of some of the biggest names in the eCommerce industry. The event was a resounding success. 


Many accolades, encouraging testimonials, fantastic work, infectious camaraderie at work, and learnings galore make us reflect on the last year with pride and satisfaction. 

In our one year of existence and 11 years plus of development experience in the ecommerce development industry, we may have stumbled upon a few times, but we learned our ropes and created a better version of ourselves, every time. Technology loves techies chasing it. Interestingly, we were always handsomely equipped to gallop with it! EVRIG owes this character to its co-founder, Vijay Golani, a recipient of the Magento Master(2X) Award for his contributions and involvement in the Magento community of developers. With such a bellwether, our flock has always been at the helm of innovations. 

Our trendsetting way of work has given us the privilege of partnerships with the following:

  1. Adobe Solution Partner Bronze
  2. BigCommerce Certified Partner
  3. Official Hyva Themes Supplier

With our up-to-date knowledge, we have been helping businesses with their eCommerce needs, be it designing and building a custom online store, integrating with existing systems, or developing custom solutions from scratch. 

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